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Big size gate valve

Product Numbers: Fig:GV205

Product introduction: Bolted Bonnet(BB),Welded bonnet(WB),Pressure seal bonnet(PSB),Rising stem,Outside Screw and Yoke(OS&Y


Operation type
Handwheel,Gear, Electric actuator,Pneumatic actuator,Bare stem.
Design and Manufacture: API 6D,API600,API603,ISO10434,BS1414 or ASME B16.34
Inspection and Test: API 598,API 6D
End flange dimension: ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47(API 605 ,MSS SP44).DIN2501,EN1092-1
BW end dimension: ASME B16.25
Face to face,end to end:ASME B16.10.DIN3202.EN558-1
Pressure-temperature ratings: ASME B16.34.EN12266,DIN3230
A351 CF3,A351 CF3M,A351 CN7M;.ASTM A352 LC1 LCB LCC LC3 or by customers
(Cast Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steel)
widely used in oil, natural gas, long-distance pipelines and gas fields Valves used in forging or casting body, the gate designed with diversion holes, non-diversion holes; single discand double disc structure; Seat used bi-direction seal seat which mainly based on the metal seat sealing and assisted with soft seat sealing as a second type of seal. The series of parallel type gate valve has rational design, compact structure, sulfur resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, reliable sealing, and small torque of switches, easy-to-use.valves,gate valve,valve,API gate valve,flat gate valve,Slab gate valve,Sluice valve.Brake valve,Discharge gate,Slide gate valve,high pressure gate valve,PSB gate valve,API 600 gate valves,API 6D gate valves,valvola, porta valvulave, valvula, API porta valve, valvul banesë porta, valvula pllakë porta, pritë valve.Brake valvula, shkarkimi porta, Slide porta valvula, porta e lartë valvul presioni, porta PSB valvula, API 600 valvola porta, API 6D valvola porta, klapan qapısıdır klapan, klapan, API qapısıdır klapan, mənzil qapısıdır klapan, sal qapısıdır klapan, şlüz valve.Brake klapan, atılması qapısıdır, Slayd qapısıdır qapaq, yüksək təzyiq qapısıdır klapan, PSB qapısıdır klapan, API 600 qapısıdır klapan, API 6D qapısıdır klapan, klapan qapısıdır klapan, klapan, API qapısıdır klapan, mənzil qapısıdır klapan, sal qapısıdır klapan, şlüz valve valve.Brake, atılması qapısıdır, Slayd qapısıdır qapaq, yüksək təzyiq qapısıdır klapan, darvaza valve PSB, darvaza klapan API 600, API 6D qapısıdır klapan, ventily, šupátka, ventily, API šupátko, ploché šupátko, dosky posúvač, ventil plavebná valve.Brake, vybíjanie brána, Slide šupátko, vysoký tlak šupátka, posúvač PSB, šupátka API 600, API 6D posúvače, van, cửa van, van, API cửa van, van cổng phẳng, van cổng Sàn, cống van valve.Brake, Xả cửa khẩu, Slide van cổng, van cửa áp lực cao, PSB van cổng, cửa van API 600, API6D cửa van,клапани, засувки, клапани, засувки API, плоскі засувки, плити засувки, клапана шлюзу valve.Brake, здавання ворота, клапана засувки, клапана високого тиску ворота, засувки PSB, засувки API 600, API 6D засувки, API , valve.Brake, PSB, API 600, API 6D ,gate ventil distributer,China Gate afsluiterfabrikantsingur disc poarta ventil,Through conduit gate valves,Through Conduit Gate Valve,Zasuwy płytowe,Parallel slide gate valves,expanding gate valve,Wellhead Valves,parallel side gate valve,double disc gate valve,Double Disc Flat Gate Valves,double disk & parallel slide,Van cửa,Válvula Gaveta,게이트 밸브.Šībertipa aizbīdņi.gerbang katup,lever Blowdown Valvethrough conduit gate valve。double block and bleed expanding plug valves pleištinės sklendės Compact Expanding Gate Valve Thru Conduit Slab & Expanding Gate Valves Compact Expanding. Gate Valve Expanding Mechanical Seal. Double Block and Bleed. API 6D Gate Valve Oxygen Pipeline Valves Gate Valves.VÁLVULA GAVETA.Pipeline Gate Valves,Orion Through Conduit Expanding Gate Valve.Basket Strainer. Knife Gate Valve. Ball Valve Class ANSI 900. Gate Valve High Abrasive Service. Slide Gate Valve. Jacket Ball Valve. Stress Analysis Basket Strainer,Through Conduit Gate Valve, Expanding Gate,Offshore Technology; .pav gate valve. pav globe valve.pav check valve.pav ball valve.. Pipes, Pumps & Valves,,cเกท วาล์ว ,  โกลบ วาล์ว , บอล วาล์ว, สเตรนเนอร์ วาล์ว, บัตเตอร์ฟราย วาล์ว or วาล์วปีกผีเสื้อ , ปลั๊ก วาล์ว ,คอนโทรล วาล์ว or วาล์วควบคุม 

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