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DIN bellows seal globe valve

Product Numbers: Fig:109

Product introduction: Straight Type,Stem with bellow seal,bellow seal Secondary sealing,gland packing,Lubricating nipple,Position indicator,None-rising handwheel,Non-rotation lock of stem,Protective cover of stem.Zawory mieszkowe.Zawory mieszkowe.Ventil vlnovcový uzavírací,Quick-Opening Valves with bellows-seal


Industry, power system, flue gas purification plant, gas supply, vapour facilities, vacuum facilities, hot water, heating technology, thermal oil applications, shipbuilding, etc.

1)Straight-through or Y-pattern design,metallic sealing,bolted bonnet valves

2)Easy operating handwheel with safe operation at all working temperatures

3)Energy-saving bell of chrome nickel steel with air cushion between bell and housing

4)bellows of chrome-nickel steel

5)Internals (stem, disk and seat of stainless steel)
6)Disk flexibly attached to stem for easy replacement and to prevent vibration transfer to bellows
7)Stop valve with bellows seal,maintenance-free,stem with bellows seal,two-ply bellows seal.secondary
sealing,gland packing,Lubricating nipple.Position indicator.long life
8)Y-Type Bellow Seal Stop Valve,Straight-through bellows-sealed stop valve with flanges to EN 1092

natural gas, steam, hot water, thermal oil, process water, etc.
GP240GH (1.0619/GS-C25),G-X6CrNi18.9(1.4308),G-X6CrNiMo18.10 (1.4408).X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2.1.4404-316L ,1.4104,GP240GH / 1.0619 Cast steel
ASTM A216 WCB WCC;ASTM A217 WC1 WC6 WC9;ASTM A351 CF8,A351 CF8M,13CrMo 44 V
A351 CF3,A351 CF3M,A351 CN7M;.ASTM A352 LC1 LCB LCC LC3 or by customers
Hastelloy C276,Monel,Titanium and Alloy 20
(Cast Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steel)

Nominal diameter(DN): DN10-DN600
Nominal pressure(PN):PN10, PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63,PN100(PN 16 DIN 2533/DIN PN40 2545/EN 1092-1/2)

Design&manufacture standard conforms to EN 13709/DIN 3356
Face to face standard conforms to EN 558-1/DIN 3202
Flange standard conforms to EN 1092-1/DIN 2501
Test conforms to EN 12266/DIN 3230

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