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PSB gate valve

Product Numbers: Fig:GV207

Product introduction: pressure seal bonnet(PSB),Rising stem,Outside Screw and Yoke(OS&Y);Metallic or soft seating surfaces,Wedged gate,Parallel gate;Integral,Threaded or welded seat ring.Pressure seal bonnet gate valve,Pressure Sealing Gate Valve.baryè soupap.válvula de Compuerta.Flexible Taper Wedge,Double Disc Gate Valves


Bypass valves
with forged gate valve. or globe valve by customers' Request
Design of Disc
flexible wedge gate or solid wedge gate disc.
Body and Bonnet Connection(Pressure Sealing)
 pressurized seal design.Pressure Seal & Bolted Bonnet Valves
Gasket of Cover Flange
stainless steel+ flexible graphite combined gasket;Stainless
Back Seating Design
All our gate valves have the back seating design. In most cases, the carbon steel gate valve is fitted with a renewable back seat. For stainless steel gate valve, the back seat is machined directly in the bonnet or is machined after welding .When the gate valve is at fully open position, the sealing of the back seat can be very reliable .However, as per the requirement of API600, it is not advisable to add or change packing by the mean of back seating when the valve is pressure containing.
For carbon steel gate valve, the seat is usually forged steel. The sealing surface of the seat is spray welded with hard alloy specified by the customer. Welded seat is used for NPS<10 gate valves, and welded on seat can be also optional if being requested by the customer. Welded on seat is used for NPS<10 carbon steel gate valves .for Stainless steel gate valve, integral seat is usually adopted, or to weld hard alloy directly integrally. Threaded or welded on seat is also optional for stainless steel gate valve if being requested by the customer.
Stem Design
The stem is of integral forged design .The minimum diameter of the stem shall per the standard requirement .The connection of the stem and disc is T type .The strength of the connecting area is bigger than that of the T threaded part of the stem .
Stem Nut
Usually, the stem nut is made of ASTM A439 D2.It is also can be made of copper alloy if being requested by the customer .For large sized gate valves (NPS 10 for Class 150, NPS 8 for Class 300, NPS 6 for Class 600,NPS 5 for Class 900),rolling bearing is fitted at the two sides of the stem nut in order to minimize the open and close torque of the gate valve.
Special Gate Valve
Besides the common gate valves ,We can also makes cryogenic gate valve, Jacketed Gate Valve, Bellow Sealed Gate Valve, Extension Stem Gate Valve for underground application, Flat Gate Valve, etc.Water seal gate valve.By-Pass and Drain Connections,Indicator and Locking Devices.
Operation type
Handwheel,Gear, Electric actuator,Pneumatic actuator,Bare stem
Design and Manufacture: API 6D,API600,API603,ISO10434,BS1414 or ASME B16.34
Inspection and Test: API 598/API 6D
End flange dimension: ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47(API 605 ,MSS SP44)
Bute ends dimension: ASME B16.25(BW)
Face to face,end to end: ASME B16.10
Pressure-temperature ratings: ASME B16.34
A351 CF3,A351 CF3M,A351 CN7M;.ASTM A352 LC1 LCB LCC LC3 or by customers
(Cast Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steel)
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