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Forged bellows globe valve

Product Numbers: Fig:GLV308

Product introduction: Stem with bellow seal,bellow seal Secondary sealing,gland packing,Lubricating nipple,Position indicator,None-rising handwheel,Non-rotation lock of stem,Protective cover of stem,API/ANSI DIN/EN.Zawory mieszkowe



A105N LF2 F11 F22 LF1 LF2 F304 F316 F316L F304L Monel,

Nominal diameter(DN,NPS): NPS3/8"-2 1/2";
Nominal pressure(PN): Class150,Class300,Class600,Class800,Class900,Class1500
Design&manufacture standard conforms to ASME B16.34,BS 1873;API 602
Face to face standard conforms to ASME B16.10;
Flange standard conforms to ASME B16.5;
Test conforms to API 598;
Butt Weld End standard: ASME B16.25
Socket weld end:ASME B16.11
Thread end: ASME B1.20.1

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