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Plug valve

Product Numbers: Fig:SSV603

Product introduction: Plug valve.gear plug valve.API 599 plug valve.API6D plug valve.sleeve plug valve.self-lubricating plug valve.Luberized plug valve,Pressure Balanced Plug Valves


1. 1 pieces of body
2. Fire-safe, antistatic and blow-out proof stem functions
3. Low torque value
4. Locking device and handle indicating open/close
5. ISO 5211 mounting design upon request
6. Stem/bonnet extension for cryogenic service
Operation type
Lever,Pneumatic actuator,Bare stem.Gear
Class Range
Class:150-2500 PN:1.6-24
Design and Manufacture: ASME B16.34/API 599/API6D
Inspection and Test: API 598/API 6D
Flanged ends :ASME 16.5
End to end: ASME B16.10 API599
Pressure-temperature ratings: ASME B16.34
ASTM A216 WCB ASTM A351 CF8,A351 CF8M,A351 CF3,A351 CF3M,A351 CN7M;LC3 or by customers
(Cast Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steel)
plug valve.API599 plug valve.API6D plug valve.Plug valve.gear plug valve.API 599 plug valve.API6D plug valve.sleeve plug valve.self-lubricating plugalve.Luberized plug valveSleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve Acc.To ANSI ,Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve Acc.To ANSI Sizes:15~350mmPressure:150~900Eccentricity Plug Valve LB.Plug Valves With Single Or Double Flush Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve Acc.To DIN Flange-Connection Lifting Plug Valve Acc.To ANSI 3-Way 4-Way Plug Valve.Шибъри стоманени,Клапи възвратни.Клапи спирателни,Вентил продухвателен.Вентили спирателни.Вентили възвратниВентили ъглови за ниво,Нивопоказатели за котли,ФилтриDOUBLE BLOCK & BLEED plug valve,Pressure Balanced Plug Valves Expanding Plug ValveGENERAL VALVE Twin Seal Double Block-and-Bleed (DBB) Plug ValveGENERAL VALVE® Twin Seal™ double block-and-bleed (DBB) plug valve is a high-integrity, positive shut-off double block-and-bleed plug valve, which serves the pipeline, liquid bulk terminals, aviation fueling, refining, oil and gas production, and custody transfer for the petroleum and oil and gas industries.

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