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Triple eccentric butterfly valve

Product Numbers: Fig:SSV605

Product introduction: Three eccentric,hihg performance,Wafer and Lug.papiyon soupap.Válvulas de mariposa (lug-wafer)Butterfly valves.Vlinderkleppen.Absperrklappen.Triple-eccentric butterfly valve.Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves



Design and Manufacture: ASME B16.34, API 609
Face to face(end to end): API 609,MFG or customers
Flanged connection: 2"~24" to ASME B16.5, 22", 26"~36" ASME B16.47( MSS-SP-44 or to API605)on Request

Test and inspection: API598, API609
Butt welded end: ANSI B16.5 
Operation type
Lever,,Gear, Electric actuator,Pneumatic actuator,Bare stem.
A351 CF3,A351 CF3M,A351 CN7M;.ASTM A352 LC1 LCB LCC LC3 or by customers
(Cast Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steel)
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ΠεταλούδεςButterflyventiler,Válvulas de Mariposa.vanne papillon,válvula de borboleta,Van bướm,Válvula Borboleta,Válvula Borboleta Wafer,Válvula Borboleta Tubular,Válvula Borboleta Wafer High Performance.Válvula de Borboleta tipo lug ,Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve,Vlinderkleppen,버터 플라이 밸브,صمام فراشة.Puspagrieziena vārsti.liblikas ventiil.ΠεταλούδεςVálvula Borboletavalvole a farfalla.papiyon soupapkupu-kupu katup.שסתום פרפר.Válvulas de mariposa(lug-wafer).Butterfly valves.Vlinderkleppen.Absperrklappen.Клапи Бътерфлай。Przepustnica wafer,Przepustnica kołnierzowa,Przepustnica kwasoodporna,Absperrklappen Typ CST::Absperrklappen Typ CST-K.Van bướm.przepustnice Triple-eccentric butterfly valve Válvulas Mariposa,VALVULA BORBOLETA Válvula Borboleta
VALVULA DE MARIPOSA Double eccentric butterfly valve.
 Double Flanged Butterfly Valves.Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves,U Tip Kelebek Vana,Çift Flanşlı Kelebek Vana.VÁLVULA BORBOLETA 150 LBS.VÁLVULA BORBOLETA ALTA PERFORMANCE 150 lbs.Motorized Butterfly Valve,Actuated Butterfly Valves.Wafer Type ECO Series.Double Flanged.Wafer Type TECO Series.Damper Valves Wafer Type.Damper Valves Double Flanged.Offset Disc Double FlangeWafer Type Butterfly Valve.High Performance Butterfly Valve.High Performance Lug Type.Metal to Metal (SDV).Alluminium Butterfly Valve
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