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Class 800 Forged ball valve

Product Numbers: Fig:BV111

Product introduction: 3pcs Body,Floating Ball,Full or Reduced bore,Blowout Proof Stem Fire safe and Anti static.with top flange and lock device.3-PC High Performance Metal Seat Ball Valve.3Pcs forged ball valve.3PC High Performance Ball Valve.Threaded End Ball Valve,treaded BALL VALVE


1. Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel(forged steel ball valve)
2. Threaded, Socket weld, or Butt Weld Ends
3. Blowout Proof Stem for Safety
4. Bolt Bonnet Design
5. Material Traceability
6. Live Loaded Stem Design for High Cycle Life
7.ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad
8. ends: BW or SW or NPT or Nipple

1. Three pieces design(3PCs High Performance Ball Valve)
2. Fire-safe, antistatic and blow-out proof stem functions
3. Low torque value
4. Locking device and handle indicating open/close
5. ISO 5211 mounting design upon request
6. Stem/bonnet extension for cryogenic service
7.Full or Reduced bore(FP or RP)
Operation type
Lever,Pneumatic actuator,Bare stem.
Design and Manufacture: ASME B16.34 .API 602
Inspection and Test: API 598
Thread ends :ASME B1.20.1(NPT) or Techlok clamp
End to end: MFG or customers
Pressure-temperature ratings: ASME B16.34
ASTM A105,A182 F304 304L 316 316L 321 F11 F22,A350 LF2 LF1 LF3  or by customers"
ASTM A694 F60.Monel400 K500.Inconel825 etc.

(Forged Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steel)
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