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Product Numbers: Fig:SSV601

Product introduction: Cage control valve and Plug disc control valve,pneumatic bellows seal single-seat shut-off valve,Diaphragm actuated globe control valve.Water Safety and Flow Control Products.Pneumatic controls.Válvulas Neumáticas.Regulator Control Valves.álvulas de Controle.Reguleringsventiler,Control and Regulation Valves


structural features and applied range

cage regulator is pressure balanced regulator, trims use socket oriented guide valve core, it mainly uses fluid pressure to realize valve core rapid movement, operating force is small. In addition, sealing type uses single seat sealing, high precision flow characteristic curve, in accordance with IEC534-1 standard. Regulator dynamic stability is good, noise is low, and air defense, it is suitable for controling kinds of temperature high pressure difference flow. Equipped with electric actuators, its structure is compact, and output is large.The product conforms to the GB/T4213-92.

body type straight cast spherical valve
nominal diameter 40500mm
nominal pressure
ANSI: 125150300600Lb
JIS: 1016203040K
PN:,10.0 MPa
flange connectionFFRFRJLG
flange standardJIS B2201-1984 or ANSI B16.5,JB/T79.1 PN1.6MPa,JB/T79.2female and male face
welding connectionBW
body material ZG25 ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti,ZG0Cr17Ni12Mo2,1.25Cr0.5Mo 5.0Cr0.5Mo or SCPH21 SCPH61 Ti
upper bonnet
normal temperatureP):-17+230
extend I typeE):-45-17 +230+566 extend typeE):integral typeE2I-100-45welding typeE2W-196-100
Note: working temperature can not exceed the various materials allowed range
gland type: bolt pressure type
Sealing packing V type PTFE packing, containing PTFE leached asbestos packing, asbestos weave packing, graphite packing
Internal components
valve core type guide valve core
material 17-4PH0Cr17Ni12Mo2 and bead weld stellite.
actuator type
DKZ series electric actuator361L series electric actuatorSKZ series electric actuatorPSL series electric actuator ,Pneumatic diaphragm
input signal
DKZ actuator: 010mA•DC(input resistance 200Ω)420mA•DC(input resistance 250Ω)
361L actauator : 420mA•DC15V•DC(input resistance 250Ω)
SKZ actuator: 420mA•DC15V•DC
PSL actuator: 420mA•DC
power supply
DKZ actuator220V0Hz,361L actuator220V50Hz,SKZ actuatorsingle phase control 220V50Hz,PSL actuatorsingle phase control 220V50Hzthree phase control 380V50Hz
manual mechanism
DKZ actuatorhandwheel,361L actuatoron-off type,SKZ actuatorhandwheel
PSL actuator: handwheelvalve acting type electric-close type or electic-open type
Annex locator, handwheel mechanism, valve position transmitter, etc
in accordance with ANSI B16.104 Class less than 0.01% of rated Cv
return difference
Equipped with DKZ actuators is 1.5%; equipped with 361L actuators is 2%, equipped with SKZ actuators is 1%, equipped with PSL actuators is 1%
intrinsic error
Equipped with DKZ actuators is ±2.5%; equipped with 361L actuators is ±2%, equipped with SKZ actuators is ±1.5%, equipped with PSL actuators is ±1%
Note: using normal V type PTFE packing
adjustable rate 50:1

)a wide range of flow coefficients and control characteristics
)high shut-off tightness for lightened and non-lightened valve plugs, whithin the full range of flows and
characteristic, afforded by valve plug seat with gasket
)metal or soft metal - seal version with identical KvS
)low over-control forces as a result of application of lightened valve plugs in valves with DN 40-250
)asbestos-free sealing of a high class: Flat or bellows seal
)multi-spring pneumatic actuators type P/R of fully reversable action with possibility of changing the
range of springs without additional parts; with direct actuator -P- air-to-close action can be attained
and with reverse actuator -R- air-to-open action
)pneumatic, electric, electrohydraulic acutacion
)small masses and overall dimensions; favourable price
)ingenious patent
)long life and dependable service afforded by special surface treatment (burnishing, nitriding, stelltiting)
)control range 50:1
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