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API Standard Code Name
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API Standard Code Name
API Standard Name
API SPEC6D Supplement 1 to api spec 6D (sixteenth edition ) specification for pipeline valves
API STD6D Steel gate plug ball and check valves for pipeline service
API STD6D API Specification for flanged steel gate and plug valves for drilling and production service
API SPE14D API Specification for wellhead surface safety valves for offshore service
API 526 Flanged steel safety relief valves
API 527 Commercial seat tightness of safety relief valves with metal – to metal seats
API 528 API standard for safety relief valve nameplate nomenclature
API 529 Cast – forged Steel plug valves flanged ends
API 594 Wafer – type check valves
API 595 Cast – iron gate valves flanged ends
API 597 Steel venturi gate valves flanged or butt welding ends
API 598 Valve inspection and test
Valve inspection and test
API 599 Steel plug valves flanged or butt welding ends
API 600 Flanged and butt – welding – end steel gate and plug valves for refinery use
API 602 Compact design carbon steel gate valves for refinery use
API 603 150 – pound light – wall corrosion – resistant gate valves for refinery use
API 604 Ductile iron gate valves flanged ends
API 607 Fire – resistant testing of ball valves with soft contact faces
API 609 Butterfly valves to 150 psig and 150 F
API SPEC 6FA Specification for fire test for valves
API SPEC 6FC Specification for fire test for valves with automatic backseats
API BULL 6RS Bulletin on referenced standards for committee 6, standardization of valves and wellhead equipment
API RP 11V6 Recommended practice for design of continuous flow gas lift installations using injection pressure operated valves first edition
API RP 11V7 Recommended practice for repair , testing, and setting gas lift valves
API RP 520 PT 1 Sizing, selection and installation of pressure relieving devices in refineries part 1- sizing and selection
API RP 574 Inspection of piping, tubing, valves and fittings first edition, replaces guide for inspection of refinery equipment Chapter XI
API RP 576 Inspection of pressure-relieving devices first edition
API STD 608 Metal ball valves-flanged, threaded and welding end
ANSI Standard Code Name
ANSI Standard Name
ANSI A126 Grey iron castings for valves flanges and pipe fittings
ANSI A181 Standard specifications for forged or rolled steel pipe flanged forged fittings and valves and parts for general service
ANSI B16.10 Face-to-face and end-to-end dimension of ferrous valves
ANSI B16.34 Steel valves
ANSI B127.1 Constant – level oil valves
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