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Forged Steel Piston Check Valves Lubricated Plug Valves Dual Plate Wafer Check Valves Swing Wafer Check ValvesUniversal Flow is licensed to manufacture in accordance with API. API6D - Specification for Pipeline Valves (Gate, Plug, Ball, and Check Valves)  API6FA - Specification for Fire Test for Valves  API598 - Valve Inspection and Testing  API600 - Steel Gate Valves  API602 - Compact Steel Gate Valves  API607 - Fire Test for Soft-seated Quarter-turn Valves  APIQ1 - Specification for Quality Programs for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry B16.5 - Steel Pipe Flanges and Flange Fittings  B16.10 - Face to Face and End to End Dimensions of Valves  B16.25 - Butt-welding Ends  B16.34 - Valves: Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End BS5351 - Steel Ball Valves for the Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Allied Industries BS6755 - Testing of Valves  BS5146 - Inspection and Test of Valves  BS1503 - Steels for Fired and Unfired Pressure Vessels  BS1560 - Steel Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings for the Petroleum Industry  BS2080 Face-to-Face, Center-to-Face, End-to-End, and Center-to-End Dimensions of Flanged, and Butt-welding End Steel Valves from the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Allied Industries  BS4504 - Flanges and Bolting for Pipes, Valves and Fittings ISO9001 - Quality Systems: Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation, and Servicing  ISO5211 - Valve Actuator Attachment SP6 - Standard Finishes for Contact Faces of Pipe Flanges, and Connecting-end Flanges of Valves and Fittings  SP25 - Standard marking System for Valves, Fittings, Flanges, and Unions  SP72 - Ball Valves with Flanged or Butt-welding Ends for General Service Gate Valve Rising Stem OS&Y Gate Valve Non Rising Stem Waterworks And Waste Water Waterworks And Waste Water RESILIENT WEDGE GATE VALVERESILIENT WEDGE GATE VALVE (WATERWORKS AND WASTE WATER) RESILIENT WEDGE GATE VALVE OS & Y, RISING STEM,FLANGED FOR FIRE MAIN RESILIENT WEDGE GATE VALVE,Ventily uzavírací»  Klapky zpětné»  Odvzdušňovací armatury»  Ventily regulační»  Filtry»  Průhledítka, stavoznaky»  Ventily zpětné»  Odvaděče, odvodňovače»  Elektromagnetické ventily»  Ventily pojistnéRegulátory tlaku»  AUMA servopohony, převodovky»  ŠoupátkaBezpečnostní rychlouzávěry Příruby, kolena, T-kusy Šoupátka nožová, hradítka Kompenzátory Manopříslušenství Kulové kohouty Montážní vložkyManometry a teploměry Klapky uzavírací a škrtící Navrt.pasy, poklopy, soupravy Fitinky, návarky, závitové kusy,Hammer Blind Valves,edge gate valves,Duplex Filter,Knife Edge Gate Valves,Plug Valves,Flange end, Buttweld end, Screwed end, Socket end,Single faced Sluice Gates,diaphragm valves,Miller Center Guided Check Valve,Miller Wafer Insert Valves,water treatment plants, fertilizer & petrochemicals industries, chemical industries, refineries and varied other process industries,Steel Plants, Power Plants, (NTPC units / CESE Ltd. etc.) Chemical & Petrochemical Industries, Defence, Paper Mills, Fertilizer Industries, P.H.E. Departments, Power Corporations, Oil Industries & different projects in public / private sectors,Cast iron with inside screw and spindle Nodular cast iron with inside screw and spindle PN25 Bellows sealed globe valve Nodular cast iron with inside screw and spindle PN16Cast iron valve with outside screw and spindle Nodular cast iron with outside screw and spindle Cast iron with outside screw and spindle, Kuglehaner Kontraventiler og filtre Butterflyventiler Sikkerheds- og reduktionsventiler Afspærringsventiler Kondensat- og luftudladere Reguleringsventiler Niveauvisning og skueglas Aktuatorer og tilbehør Sanitære og farmaceutiske ventiler  Vanne à passage direct en acier moulé classe 150-300-600-900 lbs  Robinet à soupape en acier moulé classe 150-300-600-900 lbs  Clapet à battant en acier moulé classe 150-300-600-900 lbs  Clapet sandwich en acier moulé classe 150-300-600-900 lbs  Filtre en acier moulé classe 150-300 lbs  Robinet à tournant sphérique boule flottante classe 150-300-600 lbs  Robinet à tournant sphérique boule arbrée classe 150-300-600 lbs   Vanne à passage direct en acier forgé classe 800-1500-2500 lbs   Robinet à soupape en acier forgé classe 800-1500-2500 lbs   Clapet en acier forgé classe 800-1500-2500 lbs  Filtre en acier forgé classe 800-1500-2500 lbs  Robinet à tournant sphérique en acier forgé classe 800-1500 lbs  Vanne à passage direct en acier moulé PN16-25-40  Robinet à soupape en acier moulé PN25-40  Robinet à soufflet en acier moulé PN25-40  Clapet à battant en acier moulé PN25-40  Filtre en acier moulé PN25-40  Filtre Y mécanosoudé PN10-16-25-40Filtre T mécanosoudé PN10-16-25-40  Vanne en fonte, tige non-montante PN10-16  Vanne en fonte, tige montante PN10-16  Robinet à soupape en fonte PN10-16  Clapet à battant en fonte PN10-16  Clapet à piston en fonte PN10-16  Filtre en fonte PN10-16  Vanne papillon en fonte PN10-16  Robinet à tournant conique  Vanne guillotine  Vanne à membrane,Water Treatment & Fluid Pump Valve & Pipe Exhibition,Ball valve Floating ball valve Trunnion ball valve Orbit ball valve Three way ball valveFully welded ball valve Entry ball Valve Pneumatic ball valve Electric ball ValveDouble block ball valve Gate valve Cast steel gate valve Knife gate valveSlab gate valve Soft seal gate valve High pressure gate valve Pneumatic gate valveGlobe valve Angle globe valve Oblique globe valve Plunger globe valveCast steel globe valve Piston globe valve Check valve Swing check valve Piston check valveWafer check valve Lift check valve Butterfly valve Soft seal butterfly valveMetal seal Butterfly valve Plug valve Two way plug valve Three way plug valveOil seal plug valve Soft seal plug valve Forged steel valve,Floating Ball Valves, Trunnion Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Wafer and Piston 。Check Valves, Plug Valves – We are the exclusive distributor for 1 & 2-Piece Ball Valves, Full Port and Reduced Port, Threaded and Seal Welded Body Designs, Threaded and Socket .Weld Connections, Sizes: 1/4″ to 4″, Pressure: 1000 PSI to 6000 PSI.Self Regulating and .Constant Wattage Cable, Mineral Insulated Cable, Flexible Tank Panels, Custom Control and .Monitoring Systems, Full Turnkey Capability. Steam Traps, Boiler Controls, Flowmeters, Control Valves, Condensate    Recovery, Strainers, Liquid Drain Traps, Pipeline .Auxiliaries, Regulators, Engineered Products, Full Turnkey Capability,Spring Assisted .heck Valves, Silent Check Valves, In-line, Straight-thru design, Sanitary Check Valves,Vacuum Breakers, Restrictor Valves, Compressor Valves,Exclusive Angle Disc Butterfly.Valves, Resilient-seated and Metal-lined designs, Diaphragm Actuators, Manual Handles, Gear Operators and Accessories,Electric and Pneumatic Actuators (Scotch-Yoke, Rack and .Pinion, Piston, Diaphragm, Hydraulic Scotch-Yoke Pneumatic Actuato,rs)Threaded and Flanged .Pressure Relief Valves, Pilot-Operated Relief Valves,Solutions for the monitoring and control of process valves, Linear and Rotary Valve Position Monitors, Intellis™ NetworkMonitors, I/P and ICoT Positioner,Rupture Discs for pressure relief and activation.  Mud pump protection, and surface process equipment protection,Horizontal/ Vertical Hinged and Non-Hinged Closures, SA350LF2, ANSI CL 150 up to 1500, for pipelines and other applications in sizes 2”-48”Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly Valves – Brass, Bronze, Iron.  Pump and Well products.  Fittings, Nipples – Black and Galvanized M.I., Brass, Forged Steel, Cast Iron, CopperReduced bore valves, Barstock valves, Double block & bleed valves, Stem extension valves, Buried valves, Side entry valves, Split body valves, Underground valves, Long pattern valves, High pressure valves, Fully welded body valves, Ball valves, Ball valve, Rubinetto a sfera, Valvola a sfera, Valvole criogeniche, Cryogenic valves, Subsea valves, Rubinetto a maschio, Bolted body valves, Threaded body valves,  VALVULAS DE BOLA   VALVULAS DE MARIPOSA   VALVULAS DE INTERRUPCIÓN   VALVULAS DE COMPUERTA  VALVULAS DE SEGURIDAD   FILTROS   PURGADORES   MEDIDORES DE CAUDAL   MANOMETROS Y TERMOMETROS  VALVULAS DE RETENCION   VALVULAS AUTOMATICAS   COMPENSADORESpipe armaturen valve co.,ltd PAV valve co.,ltd, Ball valves stainless steel ball valves, high purity clean ball valves, stainless steel industrial ball valves, API 607 fire safe approved ball valves, special alloy ball valves, automation pneumatic and electric valves, pharmaceutical ball valves, marine valvesBronze Ball Valves | Stainless steel Ball Vlaves | Cast Iron Ball Valves | Cast Steel/WCB Ball Valves | Blow Off Valves | Wafer Type Butterfly Valves | Lugged Type Butterfly Valves Geared/Acuated BFV Butterfly Valves | Combined Cock & Feed Check Valves | Double Disc Type Tanker Valves | Ferrules | Fire Hydrant Valve | Foot Valve | Fusible PlugsGate Valves | Bronze Globe Valve | Cast Iron Globe Valve | Cast Steel Globe valve | Bronze Horizontal Check Valves | Cast Iron Horizontal Check Valves Cast Steel Horizontal Check Valves | Injectors | Main Cock | Pressure Reducing Valves | Sight Glass | Spring Safety Valves | Bronze Steam TrapsStainless Steel Steam Traps | Cast Iron Stop cum Non Return Valve | Cast Steel Stop cum Non Return Valve | Vertical Check Valves Bronze Y-Type Strainer | Cast Iron Y-Type Strainer | Cast Steel Y-Type Strainer | Site Map Ventily uzavíracíVentily regulační Ventily zpětné Ventily pojistné Šoupátka Šoupátka nožová, hradítka Kulové kohouty Klapky uzavírací a škrtící Klapky zpětnéFiltry Odvaděče, odvodňovače Regulátory tlaku Bezpečnostní rychlouzávěry Kompenzátory Montážní vložky Navrt.pasy, poklopy, soupravyOdvzdušňovací armatury Průhledítka, stavoznaky Elektromagnetické ventily AUMA servopohony, převodovky Příruby, kolena, T-kusy ManopříslušenstvíManometry a teploměry Fitinky, návarky, závitové kusy  Pompe Grundfos & Service Grundfos   Pompe și echipamente Inoxpa   Pompe ulei diatermic   Reductoare de presiune   Manometre   Termometre si Higrometre   Robineti cu actionare manuala   Robineti cu actionare electrica   Robineti cu actionare pneumatica   Filtre Y   Clapete de sens   Compensatoare de montaj   Oale de condens   Supape de siguranta   Racorduri flexibile pentru abur   Plutitori pentru apa, ape uzate, alte lichide   Presostate   Elemente de automatizare   Echipamente instalații abur   Tratare apă   Electroventile   Vane cutit   Vana seismica

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