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Extend stem ball valve
2013/8/3 21:17:10

3pcs of floating ball valve

extend stem 200mm

body:Stainless steel F316/F316L.

Ends:FNPTx SW ends.


3Bpi 600 gate valve API600 Pressure Sealing Gate Valve API 600 Gate Valve API600 Pressure Sealing Gate Valve. Design API 600.Hawks Co., Ltd ,pav Valve Co., Ltd1. Fastener a. Stud Bolt b. Machine Boltc. U-Bolt

Material:a. ASTM A193 & ASTM A194, B 4.6, B8.8b. Stainless Steel 304 & 316Finishing:a. Electro Galvanizeb. Cadmium Platec. Hot Dip Galavanize
d. Fluoro Carbon Coated2. Flange a. WN Flangeb. Blind Flangec. Slip On Flanged. Socket Flangee. Single BlindMateriala. Carbon Steelb. Stainless Steel SS 304. Stainless Steel SS 316Satndard Pressure Classa. ANSI b. DIN c. JISStandard Facea. Raice Face (RF)b. Flat Face (FF)c. Ring Joint Face (RTJ)3. Valvea. Ball Valveb. Gate Valvec. Globe Valved. Knife Valvee. Check Valvef. Y-Strainerg. Needle ValveMateriala. Carbon Steelb. Stainless Steel SS 304c. Stainless Steel SS 316Standard Pressurea. ANSIb. DINc. JISEnd Connectiona. Socket Weld (SW)b. Threead (NPT)c. Flange (RF, RTJ). Gasketa. Flate Gasketb. Spiral Wound Gasket (SPWD)c. Ring Joint Gasket (Oktogonal & Hexagonal)Materiala. Carbon Steelb. Stainless Steel SS 304c. Stainless Steel SS 3165. Pipea. Pipe Weldedb. Pipe Seamlessc. Pipe SpiralMateriala. Carbon Steelb. Stainless Steel SS 304c. Stainless Steel SS 316d. PVCe. HDPE6. Fittinga. Elbow 45 Deg, 90 Degb. Tee, Tee Reducerc. Reducer (Concentric, Eccentric)d. Thredolete. Sockoletf. Weldoletg. Unionh. Half & Full CouplingMateriala. Carbon Steelb. Stainless Steel SS 304c. Stainless Steel SS 316d. PVC
VALVE BALL FLOAT VALVES  Float Valve Brass Screwed 3 Equilibrium Float Valve Gunmetal Screwed . Float Valve Stainless Steel Screwed Float Valve, Straight Cast Iron Float Valve, Straight Pattern Gunmetal Flanges BALL VALVES Ball Brass Nickel Plated Screwed 3-Way Ball Brass Nickel Plated Screwed Ball Brass Nickel Plated Gas & Wras Screwed Ball, 2-Piece Bronze, S/ S Ball Screwed Ball, 2-Piece, Full Bore Bronze Screwed Ball, 2-Piece, Full Bore Bronze Flanges Ball, 1-Piece Stainless Steel Screwed Ball, 2-Piece Stainless Steel Screwed Ball, 3-Piece Stainless Steel Screwed Ball, 3-Way Stainless Steel Screwed Ball, 2-Piece Stainless Steel Spring Lever Screwed Ball High Press & Temp Stainless Steel Screwed Welded
 Ball High Temp Stainless Steel Wafer Ball, 2 Piece Stainless Steel Flanged Ball, 2 Piece Direct Mount Stainless Steel Flanges Ball, 3-Way Stainless Steel Flanges Ball Cast Iron, S/ S Ball Wafer Ball Ductile Iron Flanges Ball Ductile Iron Gas Approved Flanges Ball 3-Way Cast Iron Flanges Ball High Press & Temp Carbon Steel Screwed Ball Carbon Steel Wafer Ball Carbon Steel Flanges 3 Way Ball Cast Steel WCB Flanges Pneumatic Actuated Ball Brass Nickel Plated Screwed Electric Actuated Ball Brass Nickel Plated Screwed 3 Way Pneumatic Actuated Ball Brass Nickel Plated Screwed Pneumatic Actuated Ball Stainless Steel/ Screwed Electric Actuated Ball 3-Piece Stainless Steel Screwed 3-Way Electric Actuated Ball Stainless Steel Screwed Pneumatic Actuated Ball Stainless Steel Flanges Electric Actuated Ball Cast Iron Flanges Pneumatic Actuated Ball Cast Iron Flanges Electric Actuated Ball Cast Iron Flanges BELLOWS Rubber Expansion Joint Screwed Rubber Expansion Joint Flanges  BUTTERFLY VALVES Butterfly, Wafer Pattern Ductile Iron, Epoxy Coated Butterfly, Lugged & Tapped Ductile Iron Epoxy Coated Butterfly, Wafer Type Multi-Flanges Ductile Iron Butterfly, Wafer Type Multi-Flanges Aluminium Epoxy Coated Butterfly, Double Flanged Ductile Iron Butterfly, Wafer Pattern Stainless Steel Firesafe High Performance Butterfly, Wafer Type Carbon Steel Firesafe High Performance Butterfly, Lugged Type Carbon Steel Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly, Wafer Pattern Ductile Iron Electric Actuated Butterfly, Wafer Pattern Ductile Iron Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly, Fully Lugged Ductile Iron Electric Actuated Butterfly, Fully Lugged Ductile Iron DIAPHGRAM VALVES Diaphragm Weir Type Ductile Iron Screwed Diaphragm Weir Type Ductile Iron Flanges Diaphragm Straight Through Type Ductile Iron Flanges Diaphragm Weir Type Stainless Steel Screwed
 GATE VALVES Gate Brass Screwed Gate Bronze Screwed Gate Bronze Flanges Gate Gunmetal Flanges Gate Stainless Steel Screwed Gate Stainless Steel Flanges Gate Cast Iron Flanges Gate BS 5163 Ductile Iron Wras Approved Flanges Gate Forged Steel A105 Screwed Welded Gate Cast Steel Flanges GLOBE VALVES Globe Bronze Screwed Globe Bronze Flanges Globe Angle Pattern Bronze Flanges Globe Stainless Steel Screwed Globe Stainless Steel Flanges Globe Cast Iron Flanges Globe Bellow Seal Type Cast Iron Flanges Globe Angle Pattern Cast Iron Flanges Globe Forged Steel Screwed Welded Globe Cast Steel Flanges Globe Angle Pattern Cast Steel Flanges KNIFE GATE VALVES Knife Gate Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Blade Knife Gate Valve Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Blade NON RETURS VALVES Spring Check Brass Screwed Swing Check Brass Screwed Y-Type Check Brass Screwed Vertical Lift Check Bronze Screwed Swing Check Bronze Screwed Horizontal Lift Check Bronze Screwed Swing Check Bronze Flanged Spring Check Bronze Wafer Spring Check Stainless Steel Screwedzs High Pressure Check Stainless Steel Screwed Swing Type Check Stainless Steel Screwed  Swing Check Stainless Steel FlangeS Swing Type Check Stainless Steel Wafer Spring Check Stainless Steel Wafer Dual Plate Check Stainless Steel Wafer Swing Check Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Flanges Swing Check Cast Iron Body Wras Approved Flanges Dual Plate Check Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Wafer Ball Check Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Screwed Ball Check Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Flanges Disc Check Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Flanges Wall Mounted Double Hinged Flap Ductile Iron Piston Check Forged Steel Screwed Welded Lift Type Check Cast Steel Flanges Swing Check Carbon Steel Wafer Swing Check Cast Steel Flanges PARALLEL SLIDE VALVESParallel Slide Valves 94 Parallel Slide Cast Iron Flanges Parallel Slide Cast Steel Flanges PINCH VALVESPi nch Valves 98 Socket Pinch Screwed + Other connections Socket Pinch Aluminium Body Flanges PLUG VALVES Plug Valves 102 2-way plug cock Bronze Screwed 3-way plug cock Bronze Screwed 2-way plug cock Cast Iron Flanges 3-Way Plug Cock Cast Iron Flanges Eccentric Plug Cast Iron Flanges PRESSURE CONTROL VALVES Pressure Control Valves 106 Spring Safety Relief Brass Vent to atmos. Screwed Safety Relief Bronze Soft Seat Screwed Safety Relief Bronze Metal Seat Screwed Safety Relief Bronze Flanges  Proportional Lift Relief Stainless Steel Screwed Proportional Lift Relief Bronze Screwed High Lift Safety Bronze Screwed Safety Relief Stainless Steel High Press. Screwed Safety Relief Stainless Steel Flanges Safety Relief Carbon Steel Screwed Safety Relief Carbon Steel Flanges Safety Relief Nodular Iron Flanges Pressure Reducing Brass Screwed Pressure Reducing Brass Nickel Plated Flanges Pressure Reducing Gunmetal Screwed Pressure Reducing Cast Iron Screwed Pressure Reducing Ductile Iron Flanges Automatic Air Vent Brass Screwed Double Regulating Brass Screwed Set Test Points and Spare Extensions Double Regulating Cast Iron Flanges Metering Station Stainless Steel Wafer Air Release Ductile Iron Body Flanges Pressure Vacuum Valve Open Vent Flanges SIGHT GLASSES Si ght Glasses 126 Sight Glass Bronze Screwed Sight Glass Bronze Flanges Sight Glass Cast Iron Flanges Sight Glass Cast Steel Flanges Sight Glass Stainless Steel Flanges NEDDLE VALVE Neddle/ Brass Neddle/ Stainless Steel SOLENOID VALVES Solenoid valves 130 Solenoid Brass Screwed Solenoid Stainless Steel Screwed Y-TYPE STRAINER Y-Type Strainer 134 Y-Type Strainer Brass Screwed Y-Type Strainer Bronze Screwed Y-Type Strainer Bronze Flanges Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel Flanges Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel Screwed Y-Type Strainer SG Iron Screwed Y-Type Strainer Cast Iron Flanges Y-Type Strainer Cast Steel Flanges TYPE VALVES INCLUDE Actuators Air Eliminator Valve Air Release Valves Air Relief Valves Air Vent Valve Aluminium Bronze Valves Angle Gate valve Angle Globe Valve AP Positioners API 6A Ball Valves API 6A Gate Valves API 6A Swing Check Valves Assisted Closure Check Automatic Air Valves Automatic Recirculation Valve Back Flow Prevention Valves Balancing Valves Ball Disk Check Ball Float Valves Ball Valve Cartridge Type ( Nuclear)  Ball Valves Bellows Block and bleed Valves Blowdown Valve Boiler Vent Valve Bursting Discs Butterfly Cryogenic Butterfly Disc Seal Butterfly Butterfly High performance Butterfly Isolating Butterfly Modulating Butterfly Butterfly Valves Bypass Valves Cable driven, valve operators Cartridge Type ( Nuclear)  Cavity filled ball valves Ceramic Ball Valves Chainwheel operators Chainwheels Changeover Valves Check valves Choke Valves Conduit Gate Valve Control Valve Butterfly Control Valves Couplings Cryogenic Valves DBB Valves De-Superheater Valves Diaphragm valve Full bore Diaphragm Valves Divertors Double Seat Valve Duct Isolator Eccentric Plug Valve EL Positioners Electric Actuator Equilibrium Float Valves Fieldbus Valves Filters Fire Fighting Valves Flame arrestors Float Valves Flow Control - Self Acting Flow Control Valves Foot Valves Full Bore Ball Valves Multi Ported Gas Duct Isolator Gas Regulators Gate Valves Gauge Valves Gearboxes Geared Manual Overrides Globe Valves High Pressure Compact Valves Hydrant Valves Hydraulic Actuator Hydraulic Cylinders Hydraulic Power Units Hygenic Fitting Hygienic Valves I to P Convertors Iris Valve Knife Gate Valves lagging extensions Level Controllers Lift Check Line Blind Valve Linear Actuators LNG Valves Locking Devices Manifold Valves Manual & Automated Valve gearboxes Manual Fail-safe springs Manual override gearboxes Mixing Valve Mono-flange valves Mounting Kits Multiported Plug Valve Needle Valves Nickel Alloy Valve Non Return Valves Nozzle Type Check Valve Oblique Gate Oblique Globe One Piece Ball Valves OS & Y Globe Valves OS & Y Gate Valves Outside lever & weight swing check valves Oxygen clean valves Parallel Slide Gate Parallel Slide Valves Penstock Valves Pinch Valves Piston Check Piston valve Plug Valves Pneumatic actuators Position Transmitters Positioners Pres Maintaining Valves Pressure and vacuum relief valves Pressure gauges Pressure Reducing Valves Pressure Regulating Valves Pressure Relief Valves Proximity switches Quarter Turn Valves Quick Closing Valves Radiator Valves Reduced bore ball valves Refractory Lined Butterfly Regulating Valve Regulators Relief Valves Repair clamps Right Angle Fire Safe Valves Rotary Actuators Safety Valves Sample Valves SDNR Globe SDSL Globe Severe Service Valves Sight Glasses Single Seat Valve Smart Positioners Solenoid Valves Spring Return handles Spring return mechanisms
 Standard Control Butterfly Steam Traps Stop Valve Storm Valves Straight Globe Strainers Sub Sea Valve Subsea Gearboxes Subsea Valves Surge Relief Valves Swing Check Switchboxes Tank Valves Tanker Valves Temperature Control Valves Temperature gauges Test Valve Thermal Relief Valves Thermostatic Valves Three Piece Ball Valves Tidal Flap Valve Top Entry Ball Valves Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Twin Plate Wafer Check Valve Two Piece Ball Valves Union Bonnet Gates Union Bonnet Globe Valves Vacuum Air/ Relief Valve Vacuum Relief Valves Valve accessories Valve Islands Valve Service and Repairs Valve Stem extensions and Pedestals Valve Testing and Repair Facilities Valves Interlocks Vulcanised Rubber Lined Butterfly Wafer Ball Valve
 Wafer Check Wafer Spring Disc Check Wafer Swing Check Wafer Twin Plate Check Wedge Gate Valve Weir Type Diaphragm Valve Wellhead Valves WRAS approved valvesMATERIAL/ Grade :  A-105 A-216 WCB A-105 A-216 WCB A-182 F-304 CF-8 A-182 F-316 CF8M A-350 LF 1 & 2 A-352 LCB A-350 LF-3 A-352 LC-3 A-217 WC-1 A-182 F-1 A-217 WC-6 A-182 F-11 A-217 WC-6 A-182 F-22 A-217 WC-9 A-182 F-5 A-217 C-5 A-182 F-7 A-217 C-12 A-217 C-12BRANDS VALVES Abacus ABB ABCO ACS Actol Adanac Adareg Advanced Component Technology Advanced Valve AGI Airpel Aker Alco Alcon Alexander Controls Aloyco Amal Amal Amri Anderson Greenwood APL Apollo Aqua Gas ARI Armaturen Armstrong Asco Joucomatic Ashcroft Ashford Controls Atlantic Attwood & Morrill Audco Auld Auma Automax Avid Controls AVK AWH Badotherm Bailey Barton Ballon Batley Baumann BEL Bernard Be stobell Bettis
 Biffi Bifold Birkett BIS Biwater Blackhall Bl akeborough Boa Bonney Forge Boss Bossmatic Bradford Bray Bray McCannaick Butterfly Valves Bray Valves Bray Valves and Controls Broady Broady Brooksbank Brownall Burbach Buschjost Burkett CAI Caldon Cameron Captight Cash Acme Centerline Charles Winn Checktite Chemat Circa CMO Colson Conbraco Concentric C onsolidated Constaflo CON-TEK Crane Crane Stockham Crosby Crosby CRP Dantorque Davis
 Dayco Delta Demco Depa Descote Dewrance Dezuric Diamond Douglas Chero DPL Dresser Duo-chek Durco Dynafluid Dynatorque Ebro Ebtrade Eckardt Econosto Elmac Elomatic Elram Elro Emerson Esme Eurocheck Exeeco Fairy Arlon Farris Fasani FCT Fisher Fivalco FloCheck Flowguard Fl owseal Flowserve Flow-tek Fluval FMC FORAC Fort Vale Foxboro Gemu Gestra Gilflo Girdlestone Glynwed Goodwin Gresswell Grove Guest and Chrimes Gulde Hancock Hattersley Heap & Partners Helden Herion HHH i-Flow Hindle Hindle Cockburns Hobbs Holmes Honeywell Hy-Lok Hopkinsons HS Pipequipment Hytork IC ICP IMI Marston Induchem Ingersoll Intervalve Introl Invensys Iprism I PSCO Isis Isoria IVL Jamesbury Jaymac JC John Mills Johnson Valves Jordan Controls Kenmac Kent Kent introl Keystone Kinetrol Kings Control Kitz Klein Klinger Kortings Koso KSV KTM Landon Kingsway Leeds Valve Leengate Legri Leibfried Leser LG Valves Linatex Ltd LVF MAC Maga Controls Magnatrol Maher Mars Marston Martonair Marvac Masonei lan Mastergear Maxseal Mead Metso Midland Miller Dennis Morin Nabic Narvik Navco Neles Neotecha Neway Norbro Norgren Nori Northvale Korting Norval Noz-chek Nuflo Ogden Oliver Valves Omal OMB Omnitron Opperman Orbinox Orbit Orseal Orton Pacific Pakscan Paladon Palmstierans Parker Pegler Pekos Pe pperl and Fuchs Peter Paul Peter Smith Petreco Plenty PMV Pneucon Posi-Seal pro-gear Pro-Kits PROQUIP Quifer Red Hat Reiss Remote Control Revo Rhodes Ringo Roban Rotolok Rotork Saint Gobain Sapag Sarasin Saturn Saunders Score Seetru Sempell Se rck Audco Severn Shafer Shaw Shipham Sicca Siemens Sifam Simtrol Sipos Sirai SIT Solent & Pratt Sperryn Spiraflo Spiratec Spirax Sarco Swagelok SRI Staffa Standfast Stockham Taylor Taylor Shaw texsteam Thompson TK tom wheatley Tomoe Trelleborg Triangle Truflo TT Valves Tyco UCC Uni-Chek Valpes Valtac Valtec Valtek Valveca re ValvTechnologies Valvtron Vanessa Varec Velan Vigilant Viki ng Johnson Voss Wade Warren Morrison Wask Weir Wemco Westlock Wheatley Whessoe Winn WKM Worcester Worcester Wouter Witzel Xomox Yarway Young and Cunningham Parker Zimmerman Zwicky

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