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产品描述:robinet-vanne,Van cổng,Van cửa,Válvula Gaveta,válvula de porta de placa lisa,게이트 밸브,วาล์วประตู.Zasuwy klinowe.through conduit gate valve.Zasuwy płytowe.Šībertipa aizbīdņi.gerbang katup.comhla gaeta.שסתום שער.throttle gate valves


Válvulas de compuertathrough conduit gate valveŠībertipa aizbīdņi.gerbang katup.שסתום שערWe can offer you a wide range of valves, pumps and fittings with application in the energy, industry, production, treatment, transport and consumption of water. Our products respond to all requirements for reliability at work under influence on extreme temperature, high pressure and aggressive medium.Valves Gate valves Knife gate valve Globe valves Air valves Butterfly valves Non-return valves Safety valves Control valves Ball valves House connection valvestrainers Hydrants Strainer baskets Sluice gate valves Discharge valves Accessories Pumps Horizontal singlestage pumps  Horizontal multistage pumpsHorizontal singlestage mono-bloc pumps Vertical multistage mono-bloc pumps Electric submersible pumps Vertical lineshaft pumps Sewage pumpsChemical pumps Dosing pumps Diaphragm pumps Gear pumps Electric actuators Part-turn electric actuators  Multi-turn electric actuatorsLinears electric actuators Gearboxes Equipment for wastewater treatment plants Blowers High pressure blowers Vacuum blowers Screw blowers ScreensEquipment for sludge dewatering Filter press DecantersPneumatic press for biological sludge dewateringBelt filter pressSand filters- with interrupted work- with continuous workLamella separatorsSedimentation tankSludge thickenerFor reagent preparation and dosingMixers and mixer-aeratorsCombined waste water pre-treatment unitSand catcherConveyors and compactorsWaste water treatment technologiesAeration systems with disc or tube diffusersRotating biodiscs WWTPIndustrial water treatment Hydrodynamic couplings Hydrodynamic couplings with constant speed Hydrodynamic couplings with variable speedFittings Flanges Elbows Reducers Tee Dismantling joints Intake rings Gibault coupling Flange adaptors Telescopic equipments Surface boxes Zasuwa klinowa kwasoodporna,Zawór stożkowy z podwójnym zamknięciem Absperrschieber weichdichtend Absperrschieber metallisch dichtend Stahlguss-Schieber Schmiedestahl-Schieber Edelstahl-Schieber  Kleinschieber  Hochdruck-SchieberКонструктивни характеристикиProducts & ServicesAIR CONDITIONING, VENTILATION & COOLING Vents Pressure Vacuum BOILERS, STEAM GENERATORS, ECONOMISERS & SUPERHEATERS Steam Traps Steam Traps Bimetallic Steam Traps Thermodynamic Steam Traps Thermostatic COUPLINGS Bellow Couplings Couplings High Pressure Pipe Flange Couplings ENGINEERING & RELATED SERVICES Modification Services Valve FASTENERS, BOLTS, NUTS, RIVETS & WASHERS  Fasteners Forged Fasteners Galvanised Fasteners Galvanised Hot Dipped Fasteners Industrial  Fasteners Petroleum Fasteners Stainless Steel Fasteners Steel Fasteners Zinc Plated  Nuts Alloy Steel Nuts Galvanised Nuts Hard Steel Nuts Non Ferrous Nuts Petroleum  Nuts Stainless Steel Stud Bolts FIREFIGHTING & RESCUE EQUIPMENT Flame Arrestors  Flame Arrestors Stainless Steel Flame Arrestors Vent GENERAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT & PARTS  Bushing JOINTINGS, PACKINGS & SEALS Bushes Steel Gaskets Chemical Resistant  Gaskets Flange Gaskets High Temperature Gaskets Industrial Gaskets Petrochemical  Gaskets Pipe Gaskets Stainless Steel MAINTENANCE & REPAIR SERVICES Reconditioning Services Valve  Repair Services Steam Trap Repair Services Steam Valve Repair Services Valve PIPE & TUBE FITTINGS  Elbows Elbows Carbon Steel Elbows Stainless Steel Flanges Flanges Alloy Steel Flanges Blind Flanges Orifice Flanges Screwed Flanges Slip On Flanges Stainless Steel Flanges Weld Neck Pipe Couplings Pipe Couplings Cast Iron Pipe Couplings Metal Pipe Couplings Stainless Steel  Pipe Fittings Forged Steel PIPES & TUBES Alloy Steel Piping Carbon Steel Piping Chemical Resistant Piping Petrochemical Piping Piping Stainless Steel Piping TEST & ANALYSIS INSTRUMENTATION  Testing Machines Valve VALVES Abrasion Resistant Valves Acid Resisting Valves  Actuated Diaphragm Valves Actuator Controls Air Conditioner Valves Air Control Valves Rotary Disc  Alloy Valves Angle Regulating Valves Angle Seat Valves Angle Valves Anhydrous Hf Acid Valves  Anti Cavitation Valves Anti Freeze Valves Anti Static Valves Automatic Double Seat Valves  Automatic Process Control Valves Back Pressure Valves Backflow Valves Balancing Valves  Ball Valve Fittings Ball Valve Mounting Brackets Ball Valves Ball Valves Cast Iron Ball Valves High Pressure Ball Valves Stainless Steel Ball Valves Two Way Barstock Valves Bellow Sealed Valves Block Valves Blow Down Valves Boiler Valves Bore Valves Bottom Valves Brass Valves Bronze Steam Valves Bronze Valves Butterfly Valve Mounting Brackets Butterfly Valves  Butterfly Valves Eccentric Carbon Dioxide Valves Carbon Steel Valves Cast Iron Valve Fittings Cast Iron Valves Cast Steel Valves Ceramic Lined Valves Ceramic Valve Components Chain Wheels For Valves Change Over Valves Check Valves Check Valves Angle Seat Check Valves Ball Check Valves Cast Iron Check Valves Cast Steel Chemical Valves Chlorination System Valves Chlorine Valves Choke Valves Circulation Valves Cold Blast Valves Composite Valves For Corrosive Service Control Valves Control Valves Globe Control Valves Hydraulic Control Valves Pneumatic Control Valves Water Cryogenic Ball Valves Cryogenic Relief Valves Cryogenic Shut Off Valves Cryogenic ValvesDairy Valves Damper Valves De Superheating Valves Deadman Levers Valve Dewatering Valves Automatic Diaphragm Valves Directional Control Valves Disc Valves Discharge Valves Diverter Valves Double Block Valves Drain Valves Dump Valves Catalyst Dust Collector Valves Eccentric Valves Single Eccentric Valves Triple Elastomer Seal Valves Electric Actuated Valves Electro Pneumatic Valves Electronic Valves Emission Free Valves Epoxy Resin Valves Equaliser Valves Blast Furnace Exotic Alloy Valves Expansion Valves Explosion Protective Valves Fire Tested Valves Five Way Ball Valves Flap Valves Float Operated Valves Float Valves Flow Control Valves Flue Gas Valves Fluorine Valves Flush Valves Flush Valves Dual Food Grade Valves Food Processing Valves Foot Valves Forged Steel Valves Four Way Ball Valves Full Way Valves For High Pressure Water Furnaces Reversing Valves Gas Desulphurising Plant Valves Gas Producer Plant Valves  Gas Seal Valves Blast Furnace Gas Valves Gate Valves Gate Valves Cast Iron Gates & Valves  Gates Channel Gates Flap Gates Pendulum Flap Gauge Valves Glass Lined Valves Globe Valves  Guillotine Valves Gun Metal Valves Hand Operated Valves Heavy Duty Valves High Integrity Valves High Pressure Condensate Valves High Pressure Valve Spares High Pressure Valve Spindles High Pressure Valves High Temperature Valves Hot Blast Valves Hot Shell Valves Hydrant Valves  Hydraulic Oil Valves Hydraulic Valves Hydrofluoric Acid Valves Industrial Chemical Valves Industrial Valves Isolation Valves Jack Valves Knife Gate Valves Level Control Valves  Load Sensing Valves Loading Valves Lock Up Valves Locking Devices Valve Low Pressure Valves• Lpg Flow Valves Lpg Valves Magnetic Valves Manual Valves Marine Valves Metal Diaphragm Valves Metal Seated Ball Valves Metal Seated Butterfly Valves Metal Seated Plug Valves High Pressure  Metal Seated Valves High Temperature Metal Valve Fittings Mining Valves Modular Valves Monobloc Valves Motorised Ball Valves Motorised Butterfly Valves Motorised Diaphragm Valves Motorised Gate Valves Motorised Valves Mounting Valves Mud Drum Valves Multiple Valves Multiport Valves Needle Valves Non Return Valves Non Rising Valves Non Slam Valves Nuclear Valves Oblique Valves Offshore Valve Systems Oil Valves Boiler Open Frame Valves Orbital Valves Outlet Valves Bottom Overflow Valves Parallel Slide Valves Petrochemical Valves Petroleum Industry Valves Pig Valves Pinch Valves Pipeline Valves Piston Valves Plug Valves• Plug Valves Lined Plug Valves Titanium Pneumatic Actuated Valves Pneumatic Valves Pollution Control Valves Ported Blade Gate Valves Position Indicators Positioners Valve Powder Handling Valves Pressure Reducing Valves Pressure Regulating Valves Pressure Relief Valves Pressure Relief Valves Stainless Steel Pressure Sustaining Valves Pressure Valves For Gases Process Control Valves  Process Plant Valves Process Valves Proportional Valves Protection Valves Tank Ptfe Lined Valves Pulp Valves Pump Protection Valves Purge Valves Recirculation Valves Recirculation Valves Automatic Control Reducing Valves Refrigeration Valves Refurbished Valves Regulating Valves Water Pressure Resilient Seal Valves Reverse Flow Valves Rotary Valves Rubber Lined Valves  Safety Valves Safety Valves Cast Iron Safety Valves Gas Safety Valves Petrochemical Safety Valves Pressure Sampling Valves Sandwich Valves Screwed Valves Sewage Valves Shut Off Valves  Shutdown Valves Emergency Shutdown Valves Fuel Sight Check Valves Sight Glasses Valve Sight Windows Valve Slamshut Valves Sludge Valves Slurry Valves Smelter Valves Aluminium Soft Seated Valves Solids Flow Valves Special Alloy Valves Stainless Steel Valves Start Stop Valves Steam Mixing Valves Steam Valves Steel Mill Valves Steel Valves Stop Valves Strainer ValvesY Type Swing Check Valves Switch Valves Syrup Valves System Balancing Valves Tank Bottom Valves Tank Wagon Valves Test Rigs Valve Three Way Ball Valves Throttle Valves Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Valve Extensions Valve Locks Valve Spares Valve Spindles Valve Terminals  Vent Valves Vent Valves Pilot Operated Vent Valves Pressure Vent Valves Vacuum Wafer Sphere Valves Wafer Valves Dual Plate Water Check Valves Water Mixing Valves Water Supply Valves Water Valves Dirty Waterworks Valves Wedge Gate Valves Weir Type Diaphragm ValvesWASHING, SCREENING & CLEANING PLANT EQUIPMENT Strainers Strainers Stainless Steel Strainers Y Type ANSI-Absperrschieber in A216 WCB.mit außenliegender Spindel Válvulas Gaveta VÁLVULA GAVETA EM BRONZE VÁLVULA GAVETA EM FERRO FUNDIDO VÁVULA GAVETA EM AÇO CARBONO VÁVULA GAVETA EM AÇO INOX ,Through Conduit Expanding Gate Valve

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